Bioproton's state-of-the-art laboratories are fully equipped for the latest research in enzyme testing and biochemical characterisation as
well as enzyme development, optimisation and production through microbial strain construction and fermentation.

Bioproton is committed to the highest standards of quality, and the range of validated enzyme assays that are routinely performed in the company's laboratories ensure these high standards are consistently met. Furthermore the laboratory and testing protocols are accredited to current Good Manufacturing Practice standards by the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority. As well as testing the full range of animal feed enzymes, Bioproton can also develop and perform bespoke enzyme assays for customers.

Bioproton is also committed to the highest levels of innovation in enzyme technology. As well as developing new and improved enzymes through a collaboration with The University of Queensland, Bioproton has in-house capabilities for the rational design and directed evolution of enzyme characteristics that are tailored for commercial use (such as improved thermostability and increased specific activity). Once improved enzymes are identified and characterised, Bioproton integrates state of the art gene design with in-house microbial protein expression platforms to develop production strains capable of high enzyme titres in advanced
fermentation systems.

We can now offer the following services to our customers;

  • Enzyme assays development and testing
  • Purification and characterisation of enzymes
  • Regulatory Studies (stability, shelf life analysis, in-vitro studies)
  • GMP Assay Development Processes
  • Consultation on Regulatory Affairs
  • Project Management

If you are interested in utilising our enzyme assay capabilities or would like to partner with us further, then please contact us.