Natuzyme is a multi-activity feed enzyme formulated specially for poultry, swine, ruminant and aqua feeds to enable better nutrient utilisation from feed. Resulting in more high quality meat, eggs or milk with lower total costs.


Natuzyme contains xylanase, b-glucanase, mannanase, alpha-amylase, phytase and other enzymes. The enzymes have a wide pH range, long-term stability and good thermostability, combining with high levels of enzyme activity to allow Natuzyme to be successfully applied to animal feeds with excellent results under wide ranging conditions around the world.


Many plant based feeds contain substrates with Anti-Nutritional Factors (ANFs), which include a variety of fibres or Non-Starch Polysaccharides (NSP), proteins, starches and phytate, which reduce animal growth.

Why Natuzyme?


Feed qualities (NSP, protein, energy, fat) and feed prices can vary significantly and unexpectedly. For these reasons, a multi-enzyme approach will fully capture nutrition value by degrading all ANFs in all circumstances. For example, a single enzyme like phytase will only release phosphorous stored in phytate but not extract energy from feed.

Simple - Single Product, no need to store or use different enzymes

Cost Effective - No need to add phytase or other enzymes

Flexible - Can be used in all feed scenarios, even if not all fed qualities are known

Synergy - For example phytase will work more effectively in combination with other enzymes "phytate availability"

Effective - Proven to work in multiple scenarios