About AstaCanine

The use of astanxanthin in dogs has increased in interest over the last decade.

Studies show that dietary astaxanthin decreases oxidative damage to mitochondrial lipids, proteins and immune cell DNA, whilst maintaining mitochondrial efficiency in young and geriatric dogs.

Inclusion Levels

Dog Size 

  • Small (0-10kg): 1/4 tsp/day
  • Medium (11-20kg): 1/2 tsp/day
  • Large (21-32kg): 3/4 tsp/day
  • Extra Large (>32kg): 1 tsp/day
  • Puppies and geriatric dogs may require double dose in appropriate weight range

Product Description

  • Available in powder form
  • Packaging: 60g or 130g jar
  • Storage: 3 months when mixed into feed, 24 months in dry conditions
  • Available globally in selected market