Toxin Binders – Natubind Series

About Mycotoxins

Mycotoxins are secondary metabolites produced by microfungi that cause disease and other health issues when in contact with humans and animals. Mycotoxins are a threat to the global food supply, with various factors such as temperature, rainfall, crop storage, crop transport, and time of harvest affecting the severity and species of mycotoxin present on agricultural crops. The primary mycotoxins affecting both feed and food supply include aflatoxins, zearalenone, fumonisins, ochratoxin A, trichothecene, and deoxynivalenol.

Mycotoxins Challenge

  • Contaminated feeds typically contain multiple mycotoxins
  • When more than one mycotoxin is present in feed, the clinical signs of mycotoxins are complex and diverse
  • Synergistic interactions between different mycotoxins exaggerate the toxicity effect and presentation of symptoms
  • Results are decreased performance and impaired immunity in animals

About Natubind Series

Natubind Series contains three products – Natubind, Natubind Plus and Natubind DX, all are broad-spectrum binders that absorb harmful mycotoxins safely and effectively.

Benefits of Natubind

  • Improves intestinal health, leading to better animal performance when affected by mycotoxins
  • Excellent source of silica that assists in bone and cartilage development
  • Decreases excess nitrogen which results in reduced wet litter problems
  • Improves animal immunity
  • Reduces certain internal parasites
  • No unspecific binding of other nutrients

Trial Data


Brazil, 2017


Finland, 2018


India, 2016


Brazil, 2018


Finland, 2018

Product Composition

  • Natubind: Amorphous Silica, Other Mineral Oxides and Quartz
  • Natubind Plus: Mineral Binder and Biological Adsorbent
  • Natubind DX: Mineral Binder, Biological Adsorbent and Deactivator

Inclusion Levels

  • Maximum Dosage: 2% of Feed
  • Poultry: 750-1,500g/t
  • Swine: 750-1,500g/t
  • Ruminants: 10-20g/head/day
  • Higher dosage is recommended when elevated levels of mycotoxins are present in feed. Consult your veterinarian or animal nutritionist

Product Description

  • Packaging: 25kg bag (3-layer paper and 1-layer polyethylene)
  • Appearance: Grey free-flowing powder, micro-granulated
  • Storage: 36 months in dry conditions
  • Natubind, Natubind DX and Natubind Plus: Available globally in selected market
  • Natubind Plus: Permitted as a feed ingredient under regulation EC 1831/2003