Enzymes – Natuzyme

About Natuzyme

Developed by Bioproton, Natuzyme is our key product and has been successfully applied to animal feeds around the world with excellent results under wide-ranging conditions.

Natuzyme is a multi-strain/multi-feed enzyme for poultry, swine, ruminant and aqua feeds that synergistically improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Natuzyme’s enzymes have a wide pH activity range and are heat tolerant.

Natuzyme contains phytase, α-amylase, xylanase, β-mannanase, βglucanase, cellulase, protease, lipase and pectinase*.

*Actual specification subject to local registration.

Enzyme Functions

  • Phytase hydrolyses phytate substrates to release phosphorus
  • Non-Starch Polysaccharide (NSP) enzymes, including xylanase, mannanase, β-glucanase, cellulase and pectinase to break down plant cell walls. They degrade cellulose, hemicellulose, glucan and pectin into simple sugars, such as glucose, mannose and xylose
  • α-Amylase catalyses the breakdown of starch into maltose
  • Proteases catalyse the breakdown of proteins into amino acids
  • Lipases split fats and oils into fatty acids and glycerol

Trial Data

Natuzyme 01 (Brazil, 2012)

Brazil, 2012

Natuzyme 02 (Ukraine, 2010)

Ukraine, 2010

Natuzyme 03 (Iowa, USA, 2014)

Iowa, USA, 2014

Natuzyme 04 (Tunisia, 2018)

Tunisia, 2018

Natuzyme 06 (Massey University, New Zealand, 2010)

Massey University, New Zealand, 2010

Natuzyme 05 (Kansas State University, USA, 2007)

Kansas State University, USA, 2007


Product Description

  • Packaging: 20kg bag (3-layer paper and 1-layer polyethylene)
  • Appearance: White-grey free-flowing powder, enzymes are micro-granulated
  • Actual enzyme formulation may vary to ensure optimal formulation for local feed and regulatory conditions
  • Storage: 24 months in dry conditions
  • Available globally in selected market

Natuzyme Availability

  • Natuzyme (dry powder) 
  • Natuzyme 50 (concentrated dry powder)
  • Natuzyme W (concentrated water-soluble  powder)