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A developer and manufacturer of enzymes, probiotics, surfactants, toxin binders and other high-quality feed additives. We are committed to evolving via innovative research and development that delivers novel products for the growing global feed market

Enzymes – Natuzyme

Natuzyme is a multi-strain/multi-feed enzyme for poultry, swine, ruminant and aqua feeds that synergistically improve the digestion and absorption of nutrients in the gastrointestinal tract (GIT). Natuzyme’s enzymes have a wide pH activity range and are heat tolerant. This enables Natuzyme to be effective throughout the digestive tract and is stable through feed pelleting.

Probiotics – Natupro

Natupro contains a collection of multiple Bacillus species that assist in maintaining gut microbiota, resulting in improved gut health and animal performance. Having multiple strains is powerful, as it ensures synergistic working of bacteria, enabling them to outcompete evolving pathogens. Natupro comes in a powder form for mixing through feed, and a highly concentrated Natupro C and water-soluble version, Natupro W.

Toxin Binders – Natubind Series

Contaminated feeds typically contain multiple mycotoxins, thus results in reduced performance and impaired immunity in animals. The Natubind series contains three products – Natubind, Natubind Plus and Natubind Dx, all which are broad-spectrum binders that absorbs harmful mycotoxins safely and effectively.

Surfactants – Natufactant

Adequate energy is a fundamental requirement for animals to maximize production, however, the bioavailability of lipids is low, especially for young animals. The inclusion of Natufactant into the diet improves absorption of energy from fats and oils through better emulsification and fat hydrolysis.

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