Natupro Product Launch in Indonesia

Natupro Product Launch in Indonesia

Brisbane, QLD – The COVID-19 pandemic has undeniably shifted the way we live andwork. In the so-called 'new normal', Bioproton and PT Agroveta Husada Dharma (subsidiary of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk) hosted an Indonesian product launch webinar on January 21, 2021 for Natupro, a heat-stable animal feed probiotic. The title of the webinar was 'Maximise Your Profit With Probiotics'.

Over 250 representatives from different poultry and feed mill companies, government and academic institutions from across Indonesia attended the event, which included the following speakers:

Assoc. Prof. Dana Stanley from Central Queensland University delivered a keynote address on the development of new-generation probiotics, the importance of early life colonisation and immediate post-hatch/birth exposure to probiotics. Assoc. Prof. Stanley also talked about replacements for antibiotic growth promoters (AGPs), and their interaction with microbiota, microbiome and probiotic supplements.

Ms. Jacoba Madigan-Stretton, a senior animal nutritionist from Bioproton, explained the unique characteristics of Natupro, its development and international animal trial data. Mr. Hasiholan Ritonga, DVM and Mrs. Yoceline Purnamasari, DVM, from Agroveta, then presented Natupro product knowledge and its application for the Indonesian feed industry. Prof. Ir. Arnold P. Sinurat, Ph.D, from Indonesian Research
Institute for Animal Production was the moderator.

The event concluded with an extensive QnA session.

Mr. Stanley Handiono Angkasa, director of PT Agroveta Husada Dharma, remarked "We hope this webinar will increase participant's awareness of the importance of AGP replacement strategy and the application of probiotics to maintain productio efficiency."

Mr. Juhani von Hellens, Technical Manager of Bioproton, commented "We thank the audience for their interest in new-generation probiotics, and we look forward in supporting with the Indonesian feed industry as they manage the transition towards replacements for AGP.”

Natupro is now available in several global markets, including Indonesia, where Agroveta distributes it.

Editor’s Note

Bioproton is an Australian developer and marketer of enzyme, probiotic and other high value feed additives. Bioproton has sales in over 45 countries and is committed to growing via innovative RnD that delivers novel products in the growing global feed market.

Animal Health Division is a strategic business unit of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk that was established in 1978. As of January 2021, this division transformed to a subsidiary of PT Kalbe Farma Tbk named PT Agroveta Husada Dharma with the purpose to expand its business. PT Agroveta Husada Dharma is a licenced manufacturer, importer and distributor of animal healthcare products across Indonesia. The company cooperates with academics, industry experts and world-class suppliers to deliver leading animal health products and services to the Indonesian livestock sector.

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